Designed by Laval économique experts, several practical tools are available to entrepreneurs like you. You will find tips, tricks, and resources to support you in your challenges, no matter what your current situation is.

Entrepreneur's Guide 

Do you want to start your own business? Certain steps are crucial to validate your idea, study the competition, define the structure of your business, and more. Bring your project to life by following the 7 steps to launch a business in the guide created by Laval économique.


Business Plan Writing Guide

The business plan is a key forecasting and development tool for your business. In a single document, it allows you to record essential information about your operations, management, finances, and upcoming marketing.

What are the essential elements of a proper business plan? How can you clearly define your goals in it? In this writing guide, you will find all the necessary elements to create yours from A to Z.


Business Matrix  

A strategic management tool, the business matrix is often used to develop or optimize different business models.

Ultimately, it is used to group key elements, regardless of your organization's sector. The visual table includes the value proposition, activities, customers, resources, and revenues — to name a few examples. Its goal: to offer a summary of a company's commercial reality in a single page. 

With a blank template as a bonus, go through all the right questions to ask to expand your matrix. Start the exercise now!  


Financial forecasting tool

The financial forecasting tool helps you evaluate the potential of a business project. Its aim is to provide a step-by-step method for completing this important part of the business plan.

In a structured way, the tool provides quantified answers for various elements:

  • What is the initial cost of the project?
  • What is the down payment for the promoter(s)?
  • Will the company need external financing?
  • What will be the monthly and annual sales for the first three years?
  • What costs will be associated with the project?
  • When will the company break even?
  • And many others.