La Grande rencontre

IMPACT Main-d’œuvre


La Grande rencontre

IMPACT Main-d’œuvre


New reality, new solutions

The job market is undergoing a seismic transformation. On top of the exponential growth in job vacancies, other significant factors come into play, including the digital revolution, the need for key competencies, the emergence of telework, and sociodemographic changes.

The digital shift, the need for key skills, the emergence of telecommuting and socio-demographic transformations are just a few examples.

The City of Laval aims to adapt to this new reality and lend renewed dynamism to its economy. This is where Laval économique and its major partners are putting forward new support initiatives, among them the Grande rencontre IMPACT économique - Main d'œuvre event.

Grande rencontre IMPACT Main-d’œuvre

On September 29, the Grande rencontre IMPACT Main-d'œuvre, organized by Laval Economic and financially supported by the Quebec government, took place. Conferences, panels and workshops on various current topics were held throughout the day. Participants also had the opportunity to hear the highlights of the study on Laval's workforce conducted this year.

Objectives of the event

  • Report on the current job market in Laval
  • Identify strategic actions for reducing the pressure in the short term
  • Identify territorial aspects that are attractive to the labour force
  • Offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) direct access to government employment support programs through Business to Government (B2G) meetings.
  • Allow SMBs to consult human resources management experts
  • Promote the vitality of the regional economy
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