The solution economy draws on the expertise of multiple partners and on strategic alliances.

Laval économique is always on the lookout for new collaborations that will allow it to better support businesses. The following overview provides a snapshot of Laval économique’s partnership ecosystem in real time.


Centre Québécois d’Innovation en Biotechnologie (CQIB)

The CQIB’s single-window integrated services facilitate the creation, growth and success of the next generation of businesses in life sciences and medical technologies.

Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de Laval (CCIL)

The CCILaval has a mission to promote and generate further business opportunities for its members. The latter benefit from an offer of services that lets them gather, get informed, and advocate in favour of their interests.

Laval Innov

Support and coaching service that aims to facilitate the integration of innovation within Laval companies and partners, in order to support the development of organizations and generate a sustainable impact on the Laval territory.

Pôle régional d'économie sociale de Laval (PRESL)

The PRESL has a mission to consolidate the growth of Laval’s network of social economy enterprises.

Tourisme Laval

Tourisme Laval participates in the creation of new experiences and outstanding initiatives across several tourism niches (business, family, cultural, and sports tourism)

Strategic Alliances

AIoT Canada

AIoT Canada’s mission is to promote and accelerate the adoption of “Internet of objects” technologies across the country, and help heighten its members’ economic influence. In order to achieve this, the organization encourages the development and promotion of best operational practices and supports training for tomorrow’s digital technology talent.

Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (ADRIQ)

The Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l'innovation du Québec (ADRIQ) and its Réseau Conseil en Technologie et en innovation (RCTi) facilitate an ecosystem of companies and institutions dedicated to research and innovation.

Association québécoise des technologies (AQT)

The AQT is a business network that oversees the development and expansion of Quebec’s technology sector. It advocates for Quebec’s tech community by encouraging the shift to digital technology, fostering business opportunities between its members, and facilitating access to best industry practices.

Montreal Computer Research Centre

As a center for applied research and leading-edge expertise in artificial intelligence and information technologies, CRIM creates socio-economic value from scientific and technological advances in digital technology through research, development and transfer.

Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal

This organization plays a leading role in planning, coordinating and financing the development of strategic competencies, thereby shaping the territory and the region’s growth.

Créavenir Program by Desjardins

The Créavenir program offered by Desjardins is geared to supporting entrepreneurs ages 18 to 35 who are having difficulty securing financing.
In addition to assistance in the form of grants, this program offers coaching and mentorship services to startup entrepreneurs or companies that have been in business for fewer than three years.

Canada Economic Development (CED)

CED is the key federal partner in Quebec’s regional economic development. Through its 12 business offices, CED coaches businesses, support organizations and all Quebec regions in an effort to pave the way for the economy of the future—a greener, more inclusive and innovative economy.

Group 3737

Groupe 3737 offers hands-on tools to entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities as well as immigrant entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who belong to the city’s ethnocultural diversity. Its objective is to guide them towards self-sufficiency, facilitate the creation of businesses, provide significant access to job offers, and offer social and economic support.


Inno-centre’s team of 120 seasoned business advisors offer consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses at different stages in their development. Their goal is to offer these businesses coaching so that they can meet their growth and performance objectives.


Korpus Training actively participates in the development of the workforce's skills. Korpus Training allows you to move up the ladder in your work environment, to use your knowledge to its full potential, to surpass your professional potential and to improve your skills so that they become multidisciplinary.

La Ruche

La Ruche is a Quebec-based organization specialized in crowdfunding. Its mission is to promote the emergence of projects that stimulate the economy and the influence and dynamism of the province’s regions. The organization distinguishes itself through its human-centered coaching and local approach, and its additional financing programs.

Montréal International

Montréal International’s mandate consists of attracting direct foreign investment along with international organizations and entrepreneurs, talent and students from the four corners of the globe.

Réseau Mentorat (mentorship network)

The Réseau Mentorat Laval network has a mission to help entrepreneurs develop their full potential through a variety of mentorship programs.