OSEntreprendre Challenge

OSEntreprendre Challenge

Through Défi OSEntreprendre, Laval économique supports the growth of Laval-based businesses with four distinct program sections.

This annual challenge allows us to promote original Laval-based initiatives started by new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Four sections of the challenge


Supporting the development of entrepreneurship is part of Laval économique’s commitment. That’s why we offer students at elementary and high school and at college and university the opportunity to stand apart through the Défi OSEntreprendre.

Entrepreneurial experimentation, the second lever in Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit, has positive effects on youth development and contributes significantly to the growth of an entrepreneurial culture.

Key elements to promote in our community include school perseverance and success, personal satisfaction and fulfilment, and vocational guidance.

Business Creation

The Défi OSEntreprendre gives new entrepreneurs a chance to validate their project, expand their network, secure financing, and share their passion during their first year of startup.

As well as benefit from significant media coverage, participating entrepreneurs enjoy a rewarding experience. This is a unique opportunity to shine, regardless of your area of activity.

Successful Business Inc.

The Successful Business Inc. section of the Défi OSEntreprendre showcases diversified models of businesses that have already taken part in the Défi OSEntreprendre. They must still be in operation five years after their first challenge, and their track record must boast five key ingredients of success: achievements, values, finances, forecasts and teamwork.

This is an opportunity for former participants to take up the challenge again, take stock of their journey, and share their entrepreneurial adventure.

Doing business together

Doing business together means taking pride in promoting local businesses through a well-thought-out strategy. This section of the challenge showcases diversified models of businesses that stand out for their purchasing practices with Quebec suppliers.

Each action taken in favour of our entrepreneurs and merchants has a tangible effect on our local economy. This initiative highlights the strength, commitment, and innovation at work throughout the province.

Think you can make a lasting impression in this section of the challenge? Find the information you need to get started.

Message from the mayor of Laval

“Entrepreneurship is at the heart of our vision and our actions. The Défi OSEntreprendre showcases the talent and creativity of Laval residents who are committed to participating in their community’s vitality and our economic prosperity.” — Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval

Grants and awards

Participants have a chance to receive a grant and enjoy numerous media benefits. The eligibility criteria and the list of categories and awards are available on the Défi OSEntreprendre website.
The regional winners will be announced during an award ceremony held in Laval at the end of April.

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