The entrepreneurial journey : a route to explore according to your needs

1 journey, 3 phases, 19 steps

Laval économique is the gateway to the city for businesses operating in Laval. Drawing on concrete and innovative means, the organization responds to the needs of private or social economy enterprises.

A twofold objective serves to guide our commitment: Helping entrepreneurs meet a host of challenges, and ensuring that they make the right business decisions.

Regardless of your company’s life cycle, the Laval économique team has created the entrepreneurial journey with the aim of giving you an optimal set of tools. The program features personalized solutions, useful links, sources of financing, key contacts, and more.

Table of contents
Phase 1

Creation and Startup

The creation and startup phase represents a critical phase in your entrepreneurial adventure, allowing you to go from business ideation to the fulfilment of your project.

A total of 8 steps are laid out to solidify your foundation and ensure that the process is successful. Please take the time to explore the resources offered, and don’t hesitate to contact our team. The Laval économique team will help direct you towards ideal partners.

Step 1 - Introduction to entrepreneurship

This step is meant to familiarize you with the concept of entrepreneurship. Through the training programs and activities offered, participants learn to develop strategic competencies and make the most of the resources available to them.

Step 2 - Validate the business idea

Launching your company requires that you validate your business idea. Resources are available in the Laval-based business ecosystem to support you throughout this process:

  • Laval Économique offers personalized coaching to help you start your business. Contact our team today.
  • Formation Lancement d'une entreprise (business startup) training activity helps you launch your business while earning a recognized business startup diploma, notably an Attestation of Vocational Specialization.
  • Services Québec offers assistance to self-employed workers through its business startup training, and it also offers financial support.
  • Groupe3737 is a partner organization that provides a wide range of services to help ethnoculturally diverse clients start a business.
  • The Pôle régional d'économie sociale de Laval (PRESL) ogives social economy entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their business ideas and follow a path towards starting a business in the form of a cooperative or an NPO.

Step 3 - Draft a business plan

When applying for financing, the business plan is an indispensable document. By updating it on a regular basis, it will also serve to track the progression of your project and help you meet your objectives.

Services Quebec
The Soutien au travail autonome (support for self-employment) program offers business startup training geared to developing your business plan and securing financial support.

Step 4 - Choose the legal form of your enterprise

Determining your company’s legal form is a necessary step. This decision will serve to guide the actions you take at each step in your entrepreneurial journey, including in the startup phase. Sole proprietorship, business corporation (company), general partnership, non-profit legal person, cooperative: which form is best suited to your activities? Please view the following specialized resources so that you can make an informed decision.

All forms of enterprises

  • The Boussole entrepreneuriale(entrepreneurial compass) is a 14-question tool that will lead you to reflect upon your motivations, areas of interest, ways of doing things, and values. Identify the right business model for you in under 10 minutes.
  • The Registraire des entreprises du Québecinforms you about the different legal forms that an enterprise can take. The REQ also provides complete details on how to register an enterprise.

Social economy enterprises

  • The Pôle régional d'économie sociale de Laval offers social economy entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their business ideas and follow a path to start a business in the form of a cooperative or NPO.
  • The Réseau COOP guides and informs your reflections with the goal of helping you identify the business model best suited to your profile and needs.
  • The Coopérative de développement régional du Québec (CDRQ) provides support to cooperatives in the startup or growth phase, or cooperatives requiring a recovery. It also offers a wide range of specialized training activities covering several aspects of operating a cooperative, including its business realities.

Step 5 - Legal and administrative procedures

Before accessing sources of financing, selling your products or services, and hiring human resources, the following legal and administrative steps must be taken:

  • Registration
    The Registraire des entreprises du Québec will guide you through the process of registering your company.
  • Licence of Occupation
    Depending on the form of your enterprise, you must meet the applicable standards and regulations and get the permits required for your economic activity sector. It’s also important to pay the fees for an occupancy permit.
  • Filing taxes
    In order to file your taxes, you must register your business with Revenu Québec and Revenue Canada.
  • Permits, licenses, certifications and regulations
    PerLE Québec, depending on the type of business you run, it’s important to check which permits and certifications are required to conduct your activities.
  • Employer Kit
    When you hire employees, you must comply with certain regulations and standards.

Step 6 - Develop a business network

The key to success in business is knowing how to surround yourself with the right people. Your business network is one of your best assets. It can help you find clients, generate new ideas, and establish contact with financial partners, suppliers and advisors. Need help? Check out the resources available for expanding your business network.

  • Laval Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIL)
    If you belong to the next generation of businesspeople, the CCIL gives you an opportunity to develop your business network, based on your sector. It also offers several other services tailored to the different phases of your business project.
    Through this initiative, Laval-based entrepreneurs who complete qualifying training join an entrepreneurial community. Participants can thus develop their full potential and access a network of business people and experts who care about their concerns and aspirations.
  • Réseau mentorat
    This mentorship service offers entrepreneurs a “coaching relationship” based on listening, trust and mutual respect. Through dialogue and shared experience, mentors help find answers to your questions, one meeting at a time.
    This networking service pairs aspiring farmers with farm owners, with a focus on coaching. It promotes the establishment of emerging farmers through the handover of farms in the event that no successor has been identified. L’ARTERRE also promotes the acquisition or rental of assets and the establishment of partnerships with the goal of ensuring the long-term survival of Quebec-based agricultural enterprises.

Step 7 - Search for startup financing

Searching for financing is an important step in the realization of your business project. The Laval Economiqueteam coaches you in your efforts to find solutions adapted to your financial needs:

The Laval économique team can also provide you with guidance on how best to approach other lenders who may be interested in promoting your Laval-based business startup. Learn about existing financial support options within the entrepreneurial community:

Private enterprises

Social economy enterprises

Step 8 - Hire human resources

Finding the right people to perform the tasks required to further your company’s development can be a daunting task. Various organizations can lend you a helping hand with meeting your human resources requirements.

Laval Économique supports your efforts to meet your skilled and semi-skilled labour needs in the form of foreign workers. What more, our experts support skilled foreign workers with their initial reception and integration.

Services Québec offers human resources recruitment and management services. Check if your company is eligible.

Perspective Carrière offers human resources consulting and support services specialized in the integration of new immigrants.

Midi40 promotes the employability of people ages 45 and older by coaching people through the job search process.

Phase 2


A company’s growth phase is usually characterized by an increase in sales and investment projects, but also by the development of markets and innovation strategies.

During this phase, it is vital to receive support from specialists so that your company can meet its objectives and successfully navigate its growth phase. An eight-step process is offered to ensure that your business successfully progresses. Need a hand? Laval économique’s experts are there, at the forefront, to coach you and direct you to the services offered by its partners in the ecosystem.

Step 9 - Investment Project

Want to develop or improve your products and services? Want to certify your company through compliance with quality standards or optimize your manufacturing processes and procedures? Need support with managing supply chains, the ecological transition, transport logistics, subcontracting, research, and the development or increase in your production capacity? Laval économique’s business solutions experts can guide you towards better strategies and public resources.

Laval Économique
If your company works in the life sciences, manufacturing, information and communications technologies, trade, the agri-food industry, social economy, tourism and entertainment, please contact our solutions experts.

To ensure your company’s growth and successfully carry out your projects, it is important to improve your competencies and knowledge. Korpus offers short training activities and podcasts for entrepreneurs across all sectors, thereby allowing them to acquire the proper qualifications.

Step 10 - Technological transformation project

Are you undertaking a technological transformation project? Laval Économique’s business solutions experts advise companies initiating a digital transition on how best to automate and thereby improve their productivity.

We work in concert with the Association québécoise des technologies (AQT) so that Laval-based retailers can initiate their digital transformation and offer their commercial activities online.

Step 11 - Export project and search for new markets

Do you have an export project or are you searching for new markets? Want to improve your business processes and boost your performance on international markets? Contact Laval Économique's business solutions experts today.

Step 12 - Real Estate Project

Want to relocate your company? Are you looking for an industrial or commercial space? Want to expand your business? Call upon Laval Économique business solutions experts to coach you through the process. And don’t forget to check if you’re eligible for tax credits, which may facilitate your expansion project.

Permits, licenses, certifications and regulations

PerLE Quebec, for your real estate projects, allows you to verify the necessary permits and authorizations.

Step 13 - Support for innovation and the ecological transition

Need coaching on developing innovative strategies for your company? Want to be guided towards a winning ecological transition? Laval économique’s team can guide you through this all-important step. It will help you develop strategies adapted to your reality and show you how you can draw upon its network of partners.

Laval Innov has a mandate to offer business coaching to companies, specifically with the implementation of structural, mobilizing and innovative projects

The Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de Laval (CCIL) offers guidance to businesses in relation to their ecological transition through two services:

Symbiose Laval- Vision Zéro Déchet coaches you on how to adopt greener, more sustainable and profitable business practices.

The Écoleader Fund offers consulting services to businesses looking to adopt environmentally responsible practices and clean technologies.

Step 14 - Search for growth financing

Laval Économique 's business solutions experts help steer you towards an adapted solution that represents the best option for your financial needs.

Our team is also able to support your efforts to secure funds from other funding agencies. Learn about the various financial support services available through Laval’s entrepreneurial community:

Private enterprises

Social economy enterprises

Manufacturing enterprises

In order to help Laval-based manufacturers remain competitive and ensure their long-term viability, Laval Économique business solutions experts offer personalized coaching in tandem with private and governmental partners. They also offer non-refundable financial assistance aimed at helping manufacturers complete their digital transition project.

Step 15 - Mentoring and Business Networking

The opportunity to enter into productive exchanges concerning your practices and gain a broader perspective on them is important during your company’s growth phase. Also important is getting seasoned entrepreneurs to provide advice and a listening ear. The following Laval-based resources will give you an opportunity to expand your business networks or find a mentorship program:

Réseau Mentorat
Réseau Mentorat, through its mentorship services based on listening, trust, and mutual respect, is available for entrepreneurs. Through dialogue and shared experiences, mentors help find answers to your questions, one meeting at a time.

Quebec Business Women's Network Laval
RFAQ Laval aims to offer women all the tools and resources they need to meet their professional challenges.

The Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de Laval (CCIL)
The Chambre promotes the growth of business opportunities for members by offering services that allow them to get together and get informed, and represent their respective interests. It offers several other services applicable to the different phases of your business project.

Laval Tourism
Providing leadership in terms of the reception and promotion of attractions, Tourisme Laval contributes to the city’s development as a tourist destination. It also plays a unifying rule with members and partners from the standpoint of sustainable development.

Step 16 - Hiring Human Resources

Need help recruiting human resources to support your growth? You can call upon various organizations to help you select the right candidates.

Laval Économique can provide you with coaching in relation to the recruitment and hiring of foreign workers to meet your skilled and semi-skilled labour needs.

Services Québec offers a human resources coaching service for businesses. Check if your business is eligible.

Perspective Carrière offers human resources consulting and support services specialized in the integration of new immigrants.

Midi40 promotes the employability of people ages 45 and older by coaching people through the job search process.

Phase 3

Acquisition, transfer and succession

Acquiring, taking over or transferring a business is an important phase requiring a thorough evaluation of all the related considerations, along with support from specialists to ensure that the process is successful and that the business remains viable in the long term. Laval économique acts as a gateway for your project and is there to guide and support you at every step of the way.

Step 17 - Acquisition Project

An acquisition project represents a crucial stage in a company’s development. Laval Économique team of experts can help you develop a strategy and find financing, while allowing you to benefit from its extensive network of partners.

Step 18 - Business transfer and succession

Do you have a business transfer project? Are you concerned about your business succession? Laval économique’s business solutions experts can guide you towards the best strategies and public resources. We also have partners capable of facilitating this process:

The Centre de transfert d'entreprise du Québec (CTEQ) mobilizes all the economic development actors in an effort to meet the challenges that go along with business succession. The CTEQ also acts as a neutral facilitator to make the market more transparent and promote the long-term viability of businesses in Quebec.

L'ARTERRE helps simplify your agricultural transfer and succession projects by providing coaching services and pairing aspiring farmers with farm owners.
It favours the establishment of emerging farmers through the handover of farms with no identified succession plan. It also promotes the acquisition or rental of assets and the establishment of partnerships in an effort to ensure the long-term survival of businesses and Quebec’s agricultural heritage.

Korpus offers a competency transfer service in conjunction with business succession and transfer projects. The transfer of competencies represents a solution for business owners looking to optimize their employees’ competencies and knowledge. This strategy draws on an evaluation of needs and on the identification of business priorities and objectives.

Step 19 - Search for succession or acquisition financing

In this phase, as it was in the previous two phases, Laval Économique business solutions experts can help you find solutions adapted to your needs:

  • Fonds locaux d’investissement (local investment fund)
  • Fonds Jeunes Promoteurs
  • Fonds d’entrepreneuriat collectif

Our team of experts is also able to support your efforts to secure funds from other funding agencies. Learn more about the financial support options made available to Laval’s entrepreneurial community:

The entrepreneurial journey

Whether you’re in the ideation or startup phase, this document will direct you towards the right resources.