Going digital


Going digital


The transition to digital technology is an essential rite of passage for many businesses.This is where Laval économique can be a partner of choice. Made up of several experts in digital corporate practices, our team is available to support you through these crucial stages.

Together, let’s determine your organization’s level of digital maturity and create a highly adapted plan to transition to digital technology.

Can I undertake a digital transition?

If you’re an entrepreneur who cares about the long-term viability of your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

The following additional criteria are used to determine your eligibility for our coaching services:

  • A willingness to radically transform your activities, notably operations, sales, and administration.
  • A flexibility in connection with integrating new methods or more recent technology.
  • Resources required to adapt to the multiple changes initiated.
  • An innovative and inclusive business model.

Laval économique’s coaching, at a glance

  • Access to highly qualified specialists.
  • Consulting services for purposes of initiating your company’s transition to digital technology.
  • Identification of elements to prioritize, including suppliers or types of technologies.
  • A fluid transition from your current reality to a digital reality.
  • Specialized services, such as Audit industrie 4.0.
  • Identification of financing programs within your reach.

Why choose Laval économique?

Our extensive knowledge of the market and of entrepreneurial issues allows us to optimize the value of the services we offer.

To facilitate access to best digital practices, our experts are committed to optimizing the reach and long-term viability of Laval-based businesses.

Join the organizations that stand to benefit from the many advantages associated with our coaching.

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