Life Sciences and Health Technologies

Life sciences and health technologies are a flagship sector in Laval, one that plays a pre-eminent role in Quebec, Canada, and on the international stage. There are three times as many jobs in LSHT across Laval as there are anywhere else in the province.

Laval économique supports businesses in this sector through various means:

  • Digital transition and automation coaching
  • Services offered through key economic actors in Laval
  • Access to financing and support programs through the application process

Sectoral economic data

  • More than 100 locations
  • 4,300 jobs and more
  • 1 in 10 companies has more than 100 employees

The Cité de la Biotech: A strategic hub

The Cité de la Biotech, an international brand in Laval’s thriving LSHT sector, stimulates innovation among the companies established there and makes them more competitive. In addition, the Cité collaborates with research institutions within this sector.

Need further information about Laval-based infrastructures in this sector?

Laval économique is available to answer all your questions. Please contact us.

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