Development of competencies



Development of competencies



Several dimensions of business management, administration and development can be learned.

As part of a renewed and inclusive approach, Laval économique is offering a series of training activities aimed at improving your knowledge of and competencies in entrepreneurship and export practices.

Entrepreneurial training

Laval Economic offers training and workshops on various topics. Discover opportunities to develop skills in financial management, marketing and more.

Export training activities

Are you an exporter or looking to become one? Is your knowledge of markets outside Quebec very limited? Our export training activities, covering various aspects of international trade, are designed to help you navigate export markets.

Export training allows business owners to learn about best practices, acquire tools, speak to available business experts, and adopt key processes. These training sessions vary in length and may be accompanied by other related services offered by our international affairs experts.

Training objectives

  • Improve your knowledge of export processes for products and services.
  • Allow your company to increase its sales by unlocking its potential in various export markets.
  • Increase the chances of success of companies on foreign markets through the adoption of a structured approach

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