Terro X

innovation x networking x growth

Terro X

innovation x networking x growth

What does Terro X mean?

Terro X stands for Terrain d'Expérimentation pour la Réussite et le Rayonnement des nouvelles Opportunités. The "x" symbolizes the multiplier effect of the approach, prioritizing growth, innovation and networking opportunities.

Terro X is an accelerator powered by Laval économique and designed specifically for technology companies in the pre-commercialization or commercialization phase. We offer support fully tailored to the needs of startups that have reached a technological maturity level between 4 and 7.

Promoting win-win networking

We create value for participating startups and for the Laval ecosystem through networking. Terro X facilitates contact with various economic players, presents a multitude of networking activities, and helps startups implement pilot projects.

A winning approach for participating startups

  • Test bed for deploying and testing their technology
  • Development of new customers and markets
  • Putting you in touch with seasoned mentors

A winning approach for the Laval ecosystem

  • Opportunity to boost business productivity with innovative technologies
  • Accelerating the digital shift undertaken by companies
  • Developing a culture of innovation

A program for companies, by companies

A partner of choice for startups.

Entitled "The x effect", the Terro X pathway has been meticulously designed for entrepreneurs. In addition to offering personalized support to each member of the cohort, our accelerator provides a range of tools to help startups meet specific challenges in the pre-commercialization and commercialization phases.

Sharing experience and expertise

To foster the development of skills essential to entrepreneurial success, we are holding workshops led by seasoned entrepreneurs who will share their experience and advice, and by a wide range of specialists, in financing, talent management and market development.

A diversified array of resources

Terro X cohort members benefit from access to unique resources, including:

  • Financial assistance of up to $30k under certain conditions
  • A physical space that is accessible at all times, encouraging exchanges and collaboration between members
  • Mentors and coaches to support their growth
  • An intellectual property specialist
  • A technological showcase to promote their product or service


An opportunity for international visibility

Laval économique has partnered with Plug & Play, an American accelerator with a global network that includes over 50,000 startups, more than 500 multinationals and hundreds of venture capital management companies, universities and government agencies.

Two selected startups will be able to continue their journey in Silicon Valley, where they will present their solutions to investors and potential customers.

First cohort

The 7 companies selected stood out for their unique value proposition and their potential to foster the growth of Laval companies, particularly those in the manufacturing sector.

  • Binder helps manufacturing companies extend the life of their equipment and simplify maintenance management.
  • Gomove is AI-powered software that revolutionizes freight logistics by pooling and optimizing resources.
  • InSupply supports manufacturers and distributors in their decision-making by providing improved demand forecasts.
  • Kiwiz is an online platform that offers an inspection service to buyers of used vehicles without having to go anywhere.
  • niosense improves freight transport efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of trucks by minimizing the number of stops at intersections.
  • OneTrip Technologies offers small and medium-sized grocery stores a turnkey e-commerce solution powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Technologies Sanatorium Alpha offers a technology designed to reduce data center electricity consumption by optimizing the information transmission process.