Developing export markets involves many challenges. Laval économique's goal is to support companies in their efforts to seize business opportunities in Canada and abroad, and to do so in a sustainable manner!

Our team draws on a structured, personalized approach to support your projects, with services ranging from private coaching to helping you draft an international business plan.

Export diagnostic

From a list of about 50 questions, our team evaluates your structure, your financial capacity, your products or services as well as your export skills.
The export diagnosis is an essential tool to evaluate your level of preparation and succeed in foreign markets. It allows you to:

  • Identify project strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Highlight actions to prioritize in order to undertake future export-related initiatives.

This service all the more relevant for businesses looking to penetrate new markets.

Network of experts

Through our extensive network of contacts, we provide you with access to experts and partners in logistics, customs compliance, e-commerce, international sales and more.
Are you exploring new opportunities in markets outside Quebec and would like to obtain specific information? This service is what you need.

Spontaneous consultation 

Establishing an export project requires considerable time and expertise, just as finding expert resources with information on specific subjects can prove challenging. Laval économique offers you a solution: spontaneous consultations.

During the consultations, you will be able to:

  • Ask questions related to trade and international transportation
  • Develop potential solutions to challenges.
  • Discover training programs.
  • Get referrals to complementary experts or government partners.

Market, training and coaching seminar

Several training and coaching activities geared to international trade are available. You’ll also find key concepts, based on your current challenges.

These activities can vary in length, from short to long, and they allow businesses to learn more about best practices as well as winning export tools and processes.

We also offer seminars aimed at allowing participants to identify business opportunities in specific markets. Participants gain a clear picture of a given export market’s potential.

These seminars also allow participants to network and share ideas with one another.


Market information research

Through databases, we offer you centralized access to strategic information.
Access a wealth of information about markets, trends and potential customers. We will be happy to provide you with further information:

  • Facilitate your international prospecting efforts.
  • Consolidate the structure of your export process.
  • Support your sales team by providing lists of potential clients.
  • Analyze the competition.
  • Define your international market penetration strategy.

Market prioritization and validation

By structuring your international approach in a consistent manner, you take your export project to the next level. First, we conduct market prioritization; an evaluation process leading to the selection of one or more promising foreign markets. In order to identify the most interesting market, the team performs an evaluation of secondary data according to key decision criteria.

A market validation is then undertaken to confirm that there is interest in the product or service among potential clients in a specific market.

International business plan writing

A comprehensive business plan and a well-thought-out marketing strategy are known to maximize the chances of success.

The Laval économique team’s turnkey business development services include drafting an international business plan, from ideation to implementation.

Depending on your project, your international business plan could feature the following sections:

  • The company, its structure, products and industry
  • Financial, human, physical and intellectual resources
  • International market development goals
  • Market analysis showing the potential of the target market
  • Competitive analysis of these markets
  • Evaluation of the best market penetration methods for the product marketed
  • International marketing plan (positioning, competitive advantage, and the four Ps)
  • Action plan with strategies, actions and a budget

A well-developed international business plan is among the keys to securing financial assistance from private- or public-sector organizations.

Search and applications for subsidies

The research and grant application process consists of:

  • Conduct an export diagnostic to determine whether your business is ready to internationalize.
  • Conduct a preliminary check to make sure your project or company is eligible for a subsidy.
  • Receive advice adapted to your export project and based on your international objectives and ambitions.
  • Receive coaching on the steps involved in submitting financing applications.


Group trade mission and buyer reception

A group trade mission lets you generate sales by venturing out to meet buyers, brokers (distributors, manufacturers’ agents, etc.) and business or technological partners. This turnkey service, offered at a subsidized rate, is designed to optimize the benefits of participating in a trade mission.

Many benefits are offered to participating companies, such as:

  • Access to a personalized meeting program
  • Active presence at trade shows for better market positioning
  • Strong group representation for business networking purposes

In addition, Laval Économique gives businesses a chance to record international sales without having to travel, thanks to our Laval-based foreign buyer reception projects.

Monitoring and research of international public tenders

We offer monitoring and research services aimed at exporting companies - or those who wish to export - offering services or products to one or more public entities (e.g. federal government, provincial government, municipalities, government agencies, etc.).

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