Monitoring and research of international public tenders

Monitoring and research of international public tenders

Who should use these services?

Specifically, monitoring and research services are aimed at exporting companies - or those who wish to export - offering services or products to one or more public entities (e.g. federal government, provincial government, municipalities, government agencies, etc.).

Monitoring service

Based on the keywords associated with your products or services, our team conducts a watch focused on relevant calls for tenders. This step allows us to identify immediate business opportunities for your company. Here are the main steps of the process, which extends over a period of three months:

  • Initial meeting to target your company's needs and objectives
  • Raise the main keywords 
  • Identify target markets
  • Sharing of active tenders, once a day maximum

Research Service

The team may also conduct aresearchat the level of identified public tenders. This ad hoc search allows you to capture the criteria of your market on a given territory, such as:

  • Direct competitors 
  • Usual clients
  • Competitors' prices
  • Market potential 

A report including the details of this research will be offered to you by the team members.

Access to key information

In order to offer you a quality service, Laval économique uses recognized technological tools. These tools give us real-time access to public tenders from all over the world. 

Also, they allow us to collect information that is essential for your procedures, such as: 

  • Results of the awarding of tenders
  • Competitors who have won tenders
  • Competitors' prices
  • Customer-specific specifications worldwide
  • Potential partners

Prices and information 

  • 3-month standby service: $500
  • 12-month standby service: $1,600
  • Information retrieval service: $500

Depending on the volume of information obtained, Laval économique reserves the right to limit the search for information to certain priority markets or products.

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