Entrepreneurial community

Entrepreneurial community

What is Laval's entrepreneurial community?

The entrepreneurial community is a community of mobilized local leaders and key players who share the same vision of local development, based on the entrepreneurial dynamism of its inhabitants, and who coordinate their thoughts and actions towards the achievement of common targets.

In Laval, nearly thirty partners and collaborators work together to create an ecosystem conducive to the development and growth of local businesses, by facilitating access to resources, interaction and co-innovation. Through meetings, studies and co-created events, the Laval Entrepreneurial Community is a forum dedicated to meeting the needs of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial community is managed and animated by Anissa Kherrati, coordinator of the Laval entrepreneurial community.

The aim of the entrepreneurial community is to respond to the challenges faced by our entrepreneurs, by bringing together the leaders in the field so that together they can provide solutions and harness the collective intelligence of our ecosystem.

Community of practice
young entrepreneurs 

Communauté de pratique jeunes entrepreneurs de Laval: a group of 12 partners and collaborators working with young entrepreneurs in Laval. Through concerted and joint actions, they jointly meet the needs of our entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneurs Community of Practice

A community mobilized to support local women-owned businesses.

Immigrant Entrepreneurship Community of Practice 

A community mobilizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide an environment that meets the needs of our immigrant entrepreneurs.

"A community is a group of people who agree to grow together.

- Simon Sinek

An active entrepreneurial community

Members of the entrepreneurial community gathered for a first meeting to highlight the various issues facing young entrepreneurs and to present the nature of the studies underway, which resulted in the creation of the very first Young Entrepreneur Community of Practice. A second meeting reinforced the company's dynamism and commitment to the success of Laval's entrepreneurs and businesses.


Developing the knowledge of the entrepreneurial community

A community is nourished by, among other things, the studies carried out, and communities of practice are formed through the issues brought to light.

These documents were presented at the Rendez-vous de la communauté entrepreneuriale de Laval :


Quebec Entrepreneurial Index
The Quebec Entrepreneurial Index, created in 2009 by the Fondation de l'entrepreneurship, is the largest survey of current and future entrepreneurs. It enables us to better understand and support those who embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, measuring the entire process. Similarly, the Portrait du dynamisme entrepreneurial de Laval offers a comparative look at 2018 Laval data and 2021 data for the rest of Quebec, including information on women, young entrepreneurs and immigrant entrepreneurs where possible.

The Entrepreneur's Journey
The entrepreneur's path was designed to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need, whatever the life cycle of their business. To facilitate the process, Laval Economic has developed an Entrepreneur's Journey in collaboration with Laval's entrepreneurial community. It comprises 3 main phases and 19 steps.

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