What is TEMMRA?

Innovation ecosystems

Laval économique is committed to accelerating local innovation through initiatives such as TEMMRA. Designed by our team, this model allows various actors to take part in promising projects within a structured framework. Ideas likely to generate significant spinoffs in terms of the public interest, the environment and the economy.

One model, multiple objectives

The significant complexity of current issues requires the mobilization of expertise across a range of fields. For that reason, Laval économique has created an open and collaborative model featuring six innovation ecosystems: TEMMRA. This approach allows us to bring together organizations, academics and users with the objective of finding innovative and responsible solutions.  

Coordinate collective development efforts

Laval économique wishes to optimize development initiatives by promoting partnerships and collaboration. Thus, communities of interest will be able to jointly identify issues and potential solutions, as well as explore ways to implement the ideas retained.

Provide a platform for networking between companies and organizations

The benefits of synergy between companies, organizations, academics and public partners no longer need to be proven. Our projects aim to unite all these stakeholders in mutual opportunities.

Fostering the creation of strategic alliances

TEMMRA offers Laval-based companies new solutions to the challenges they face by facilitating access to relevant expertise specific to a range of fields. Knowledge and best practices can thus be shared for the benefit of participants.

Stimulating investment

Through TEMMRA-led projects, Laval économique welcomes investment initiatives from all sectors, particularly from concerned businesses and partners. A project’s chances of success are thus enhanced, and Laval’s economy is all the better for it.

Becoming a solution provider for a more resilient future

We wish to make TEMMRA a lever of development and growth beneficial to the socio-economic prosperity of our territory. Through the different projects, two main technological trends are highlighted:

  • Data valorization and productivity
  • Technologies specific to the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence (AIoT)