Laval économique is a team of passionate professionals dedicated to supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Building a bond of trust with our customers enables us to play a key role in their business success.

Our mission

To be a group of business solutions experts for Laval-based companies who wish to accelerate their development in an innovative, responsible, and sustainable way, and for those who want to establish themselves in Laval.

Our vision

To make Laval the city of new business possibilities and a true economic engine for a generation of more resilient, inclusive, and collaborative entrepreneurs.

Our commitment

To be involved in creating wealth in value chains, enabling the creation of quality jobs, encouraging business productivity, and stimulating entrepreneurship in Laval.


Our strategic vision

Laval économique Strategic Vision for 2023-2027 was unveiled in March 2023. This vision, a first for Laval, aims to be inclusive, collaborative, innovative, and agile in seizing new opportunities for both businesses and promising projects. A city that dares to experiment.


Dedicated experts

Laval économique is a team of 50 dedicated professionals who are motivated by the success of businesses in its territory.

With this new solution-oriented approach, we welcome companies wherever they are in their development to help them achieve their goals.

Simple values that are true

Our values are closely aligned with those set out in the Strategic Vision: Rethinking Laval, notably trust, excellence and commitment.


Anticipate needs, develop sustainable relations with the business community, recognize the value of expertise, show unifying leadership.


Simplify the client experience, ensure high-level services, be at the forefront of best business practices.


Participate in the growth of businesses, be a key actor in the development of Laval’s economic ecosystem, innovate and help create high-impact projects.

Laval économique’s three main divisions

Business Services

The business services department is responsible for providing strategic coaching to Laval-based businesses, based on an ever-evolving offer of services.

International affairs and investment

This group of experts works to attract investment projects and new businesses, and it is also dedicated to international mobility projects and the export of products produced by Laval-based companies.

Business planning and intelligence

This division’s primary role is to track trends and ensure that it is aligned with the evolving needs of businesses, new paradigms and continuing efforts to enhance Laval’s influence.

Other important sectors

Food industry

Laval is among the few Quebec cities where urban life coexists alongside a permanent agricultural zone occupying 30% of its land mass, or about 7,000 hectares. This agricultural zone is home to some 125 farms and a network of 42 farm kiosks.

In order to support this vitality, part of our team is dedicated to the Agricultural Zone Development Plan (PDZA) and to food processing.

Technological transformation and territorial issues

Two new business units were formed in 2021. The first focuses on innovation while providing coaching to businesses initiating a technological transformation. The second deals with territorial issues with the goal of ensuring the sustainability of Laval’s economy.
Experts within these units propose productive strategies, such as the industrial zone development plan.

An “all-together” approach

Laval has a clear ambition for its economic development: To become a hub for business opportunities and a place of experimentation.
In order to build tomorrow’s Laval, we’re putting forward a new economic development approach based on solutions. It is paramount that we work in collaboration with our networks and partners so that we can act as experts in the field.