Information and Communication Technologies

Information and communications technologies represent an important cross-cutting sector by virtue of their integration into every corner of Laval’s economy. In addition, the technological transition initiated in key sectors, including trade and manufacturing, speaks to the significant growth of this sector.

Laval économique deploys concrete means to support the ICT sector:
  • Support for growth and development
  • Access to specialized services from key economic players in Laval
  • Access to financing programs, including the Fonds local d'investissement(FLI)
  • Partnership with Laval Innov to stimulate technological and sustainable innovation in Laval
  • The accelerator and living lab, Terrox (Experimentation ground for the Success and the Radiation of new Opportunities)

Sectoral economic data

  • 620 companies and more
  • 5,800 jobs and more
  • Nearly one in ten businesses have 20 or more employees

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