Collective Entrepreneurship Fund

A Fund that contributes to the success of your collective enterprise.
Does your organization want to respond effectively to the socio-economic issues of Laval? The Collective Entrepreneurship Fund can help you achieve your mission! Together, let's contribute to the effervescence of Laval's social economy.

Learn more about the objectives, eligibility conditions and other criteria specific to this program.

The objectives include...

Encourage the startup and growth of social economy enterprises.

Optimize the visibility of organizations involved in the social economy.

Contribute to the quality of life and well-being of residents by financing promising and innovative projects.

Provide financial assistance of up to $100,000, coaching and technical support to collective enterprises.

Highlight the social economy’s contribution to Laval’s development and economic vitality.

Help identify social, cultural or environmental needs within Laval city limits.


Laval économique is available to provide guidance, regardless of which stage you have reached with your project. With support from our partners, such as the Pôle régional de l'économie sociale de Laval (PRESL)our team offers you a continuum of key services:

Pre-start-up coaching

  • Ideation
  • Co-creation
  • Definition of the business model(Business Model Canvas)

Start-up coaching

  • Creation of a business plan
  • Collective enterprise management and startup support
  • Financial forecasts and financial package
  • Search for partners and financing

Coaching in connection with growth

  • Analysis of needs
  • Strategic coaching
  • Search for financing and the financial package

What is the Collective Entrepreneurship Fund?

The Collective Entrepreneurship Fund (FEC) has a mission to support the development of non-profit organizations (NPO), co-operatives and social economy projects.

It allows these organizations to secure non-refundable financial assistance for the creation and development of their business and to benefit from coaching services.



How is a social economy enterprise defined?

The social economy field includes all collective enterprises (co-operatives, NPOs, mutual associations) working for economic and social purposes. These collective enterprises exist primarily to fulfil a social mission, but nevertheless must be economically profitable through the sale of goods or services.

Are there laws governing the activities of social economy enterprises?

Yes. There are laws governing all social economy activities and initiatives. Find out more:

What is the difference between a non-profit organization (NPO) and a co-operative?

An NPO is a group of individuals dedicated to achieving a moral or altruistic mission. An NPO does not seek to secure financial gains to share with other members.

A co-operative (coop), for its part, is a body corporate made up of people with common economic, social and cultural needs. In order to meet those needs, these people come together to operate an enterprise in accordance with the rules of co-operative action. The members’ responsibilities correspond with the respective value of the subscribed shares.

Who can help support my search for financing, loans or subsidies?

Is your current or planned activity conducted within Laval city limits? If so, Laval économique can assist you. Please contact us by email or telephone to find out more.

Want to submit an application for financing?

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