Young entrepreneurs' community of practice

Young entrepreneurs' community of practice

The community of practice corresponds to best practice in knowledge transfer: focused on user needs, it relies on social interaction, mobilizes different types of knowledge and combines various strategies.

In Laval, our community of practice brings together 12 partners and collaborators who work with young entrepreneurs, and through concerted and joint actions, they jointly meet the needs of our entrepreneurs. Learning and innovation are at the heart of these meetings.

The aim is to mobilize the entrepreneurial ecosystem to create a stimulating and innovative environment conducive to the emergence, development and growth of businesses run by young entrepreneurs (aged 18-39).


The Portrait du dynamisme entrepreneurial à Laval 2018 et 2021 highlighted the fact that young people aged 18 to 34 have the highest rate of intention (28.1%), but show a marked decline in the process of starting their own business, since 2018 (43.1%) and 2021 (53.5%).

It was with this major challenge in mind that Laval's Young Entrepreneurs Community of Practice was created.

An active community of practice


Members of the Young Entrepreneurs Community of Practice mobilized and collaborated to offer Bootcamps to support the development and start-up of their businesses. Two Bootcamps took place: the first focused on validating business ideas through a unique, collaborative experience. The second, with testimonials and expert clinics, was designed to help participants take action and discover the keys to success. A pitch competition rounded off the Bootcamps, giving young entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their projects.

Nearly 30 young entrepreneurs were present, and 15 projects were unveiled.


Developing the knowledge of the young entrepreneurs' community of practice 

Bootcamps contractor's diary

This journal was produced by Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Laval from the Parcours de l'entrepreneur de Laval économique specifically for Bootcamps. Le journal de l'entrepreneur was created to help young entrepreneurs on their journey into the world of entrepreneurship.