Éminence grise (Silver economy)

Éminence grise (Silver economy)

Setting the context

In Laval, like everywhere in Quebec, the growing aging population has various socio-economic impacts, particularly in the healthcare, services, housing and accommodation sectors. 

The Silver Economy branch of the TEMMRA model proposes a thread of reflections and actions inherent to our resilience in the face of this new paradigm.


First, we will conduct an analysis in order to identify the various issues present in the Laval area.


Once a compelling issue is identified, we bring stakeholders together to gather their solutions.


The selected solutions must be tested in a real context on the Laval territory, supervised by the researchers.


After a successful test, the team evaluates the conditions for success to encourage investors to support future efforts.

Initial project

The aging of Laval's population is currently the subject of an in-depth study. In order to identify the specific issues of the territory, a comparative study with other regions here and elsewhere is underway. The links created allow us to highlight proven practices, tested in different socio-economic contexts.


The objective of this project is to develop a proof of concept integrating technologies in the living environment. The concept will be developed with actors from the health and academic communities, as well as other partners.

Steps, processes and actions

  • Tabling of the report on the state of the situation, as well as potential solutions.
  • Launch of an invitation-only community of interest to bring together stakeholders.
  • Co-design process with partners, aiming to project innovative solutions.
  • Providing a platform for innovation in personalized medicine and AI for disease prediction and prevention practices.
  • Launch of an innovation project, including a challenge proposed at the HEC Montréal summer school.


Ville de Laval has granted $100,000 to the Luci technology platform to promote healthy lifestyle habits among adults and seniors in Laval. Support for this concrete action will help Laval adapt to the aging of its population and modulate its socio-economic challenges.


Patrick Cohendet
Full Professor at HEC Montreal, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Pauline Faivre
Doctoral student at HEC Montreal