Setting the context

Retail is an important sector of our Laval economy, strongly influenced by the behavior of the territory's consumers. The massive shift towards online purchasing and the increasing cost of living are just two of the many factors that are shaping our new commercial landscape. This requires new practices and strategic incentives to ensure the sustainability of our retailers, reduce our carbon footprint, and much more.


First, we will conduct an analysis in order to identify the various issues present in the Laval area.


Once a compelling issue is identified, we bring stakeholders together to gather their solutions.


The selected solutions must be tested in a real context on the Laval territory, supervised by the researchers.


After a successful test, the team evaluates the conditions for success to encourage investors to support future efforts.

Initial project

Commercial Arteries 4.0

Context and actions

The Observatoire de la consommation responsable has been mandated by Laval économique to make Laval's territory an open-air innovation laboratory. The main commercial arteries will be the object of analysis and experimentation. In addition, the project will serve to promote new business ecosystems in the era of society 4.0.

Specifically, this study will:

  • Raise the various urban business opportunities.
  • Evaluate commercial revitalization proposals for two targeted arteries, namely sections of Laurentian Boulevard and St. Martin Boulevard West.
  • Develop ways of doing the Open Space Innovation Lab.
  • Identify the priority experimentation and testing projects of the future laboratory.

The researchers, specialized in new consumer trends, carried out the first stage of the project. Following the analysis of the offerings of the two main arteries of Ville de Laval, they propose several solutions centered on qualitative methodologies (calibration, interviews, focus groups, observations, ideation, community of practice) and quantitative (surveys).

Next steps

  • Development and creation of the Open Air Laboratory (in progress)
  • Identification of priority tests (May-June-July)




Fabien Durif, Ph.
Fabien Durif, Ph.
Full Professor, ESG UQAM, Marketing
Raoul Graf, Ph.
Full Professor, ESG UQAM, Marketing